Whats a dedicated server?

Whats dedicated server?

A dedicated server is a leased server solution placed in our data center. Balticservers can also help with licenses for software that you want to be installed on the server. You do not have to invest much money in hardware or infrastructure directly, but you pay a monthly fee for the hardware, if necessary, software and operations (power, bandwidth, backup, firewall, etc). If you have your own server and want to operate in our data center, read more under the service Colocation.

Why choose a dedicated server? 

Often, for custom requirements, flexibilty and performance, for example, more bandwidth, CPU, RAM and disk space. Other reasons could be that you will have control over your server all by yourself and you do not want to be effected by other clients using the same server; for example, shared hosting solutions or VPS. It is very easy to hardware and software updates.

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