Common questions about dedicated servers


How long does it take to setup a server? 


Server setup time depends on server availability and custom package selection. If pre-configured servers are available, a machine is deployed and installed within minutes. Actual setup time may warry depending on hard drive selection (SSD drivers will install faster, whereas SATA HDDs will take longer).

Clients should also take into consideration that setup time will extend of cPanel or DirectAdmin is purchased and installed during the time of initial setup.


Can I modify my server configuration later on?


No problem! Clients do that all the time according to their needs. Just contact your dedicated sales manager or get in touch at and we'll advise you every step of the way.


Which server management panels can I choose from?

At the moment we're offering two server management panel choices:

  1. cPanel -
  2. DirectAdmin -

The choice to go with is completely up to the client as both managemtn systems are pretty straight forward to administer. 

Keep in mind that both panels are supported only by Linux operating systems and will not function with Windows.


Can I reinstall dedicated server OS?

A self-maintained re-install option is still under development. For the time being, please contact us at We'll be happy to assist!


How I can get additional IP’s?


Contact the sales department at and you'll get all the necessary information on getting the additional IP addresses.


Are you offering IPv6?

Unfortunately, no. For the time being we're only offering IPv4 technology. As soon as IPv6 is available, we'll make sure to inform our clients.

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