VMware Player set-up instructions


You can create Virtual machines at your server for remote gaming with VMware player or VMware workstation. It depends on how many virtual machines are needed.

After connection to Windows server through RDP, you will need to download VMware player from the address mentioned below. Open it in your servers browser : 



Start VMare player setup:


Click Next:


Select “I accept the terms in the license agreement.” Click Next


Click Next


Click Next


Click Next


Click Next


Click Continue


Installation Finished



Select: “User VMware Player 7 for free for non-commercial use”  and enter your e-mail address.


Click Finish



Start VMware player


Click right mouse button on “Home”, select “New Virtual Machine Wizard”; Installer disc image filer (iso)


Enter Windows product key, select your Windows version and enter Administrator password.


Enter Virtual machine name


Select Maximum disk size


Select Customize Hardware if you want to configure your servers resources before Operating System installation.


Select your preferred resources


Wait till your server will be created.


Select “Download and Install” VMware Software Updates for better performance at your Virtual Server.


Wait until Software Updates will be installed.


Wait until Operating System will be installed.



You can check at dxdiag.exe if 3D acceleration is supported.

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