How to install R1Soft to MS Windows based operating system

First you should order R1soft plan and license from your client zone to your server or if it's ordered already. Select server from client zone below there will be controll buttons "Add to backups" at R1soft controll panel. Then at "R1Soft agent install type" select "Install by myself"


Guide for MS Windows based operating system. R1soft Agent instalation will be explaned below:


# Download agent to your server (pay attention is it 32 or 64 bit based OS)


for 32 bit windows OS



for 64 bit windows OS


# Execute downloaded file


# Verify the destination and click on the "Install" button to extract files.


# Click "Install Backup Agent" in the opened window.


# If Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 is not already installed on your PC, you will be asked to install it. Click "Yes."


# Click "Next" to start Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 setup.


# The next screen will display the "End-User License Agreement." Read it to the end, select the "I accept ..." check-box, and then click "Install."

After installation of this package is complete contine with installation.


# The "Server Backup Agent Installer" window will open. Click "Next."


# You must agree to the following license agreement. Read it to the end, select the "I accept ..." check-box, and click "Next."


# The installer will check your system for possible problems. It is strongly recommended that you ensure all tests have a "Pass" status. You can repeat the tests by clicking the "Test" button. Click "Next" to go to the next screen.


# On the next screen, choose the installation directory for the Backup Agent. It is safe to leave the default location untouched. However, you can install the Backup Agent to another directory if, for example, you do not have enough free space on disk C. Click "Next" to continue.


# The configuration is complete. Click "Next" to start the installation process.


# The installation process will start.


# Once the process has been completed, the following message will appear. Click the "Yes" button to reboot your machine for proper Backup Agent functioning. To postpone the reboot process and perform some additional activities, click the "No" button.


# To complete the installation, click "Finish" in the displayed window.


# More information could be found at link below


# Then add entry that agent will backup data to our backup server. Run the Windows Backup Agent Utility. The main window of the Windows Backup Agent Utility will be displayed. Switch over to the "Authorized Server Backup Managers" tab.


# Click on the "Add..." button located on the right to authorize a Backup Manager.


# The "Add Server Key" dialog will be displayed.


change http:// to https://

in the Filename box type in:

Press Ok. And the setup of R1soft agent is done.


# More information could be found at link below


# The last thing to do is make firewall exeption to allow R1soft agent to connect to internet.

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