How to login e-mail box?

How to login your e-mail box using web browser?


You can log in your e-mail using WebMail client from your internet browser:

WebMail is a convenient tool to access your webmail anywhere using web browser.


After successful log in you will see WebMail client selection. In addition you can make changes to your e-mail account without access to your cPanel (create filters, make block lists and more). We're strongly recommend to use roundcube.


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E-mail application settings:

Incoming mail server (POP3, IMAP):

POP3s port: 995 (STARTTLS encryption required)
IMAPs port: 993 (STARTTLS encryption required)

POP3 port: 110 (connection unencrypted)
IMAP port: 143 (connection unencrypted)

Outgoing mail server (SMTP):
SMTP server must use authentication, make sure "My outgoing mail server requires authenticationis enabled.

SMTP port: 25 or 587 (connection unencrypted)
SMTPs portas: 465 (TLS encryption required)

We highly recommend to use unencrypted connections instead of encrypted for further instances.

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