April of 2013 Balticservers offers new Smart Hybrid servers 2013!

Balticservers offers new Smart Hybrid servers 2013

Balticservers introduced new SMART HYBRID SERVER for all our customers around the World.
Server setup is fully automatized. This means that servers will be installed automatically in just a few minutes.
There is also full server management in our client area: Reset, Off, On.
Server technology "KVM virtualization" - a powerful server with dedicated resources:
  ✔ 16GB - 96GB RAM
  ✔ 6 - 12 x HDD RAID
  ✔ 2 x 1x and real processors.
Thanks to this technology, powerful dedicated servers are rented out for a virtual server (VPS) price.
This is a great solution for a low price. This server costs from just ➔ 49Eur/mo. + VAT ★
And if you want to have a trial or become our partners, the first server will only cost you ➔ 300Eur + VAT for 1 year ★
Server configuration:
  ✔ Intel processors: Intel Xeon W3550 (2 Core > 3 GHz)
  ✔ RAM: 8GB ECC
  ✔ HDD: RAID1 2x 2TB 7200RPM
  ✔ Flow: 100Mbps/1Gbps port
  ✔ Remote control: Yes
  ✔ KVM IP: Free.
Balticservers.com will continue to focus on customer needs, and soon will introduce not only new servers, but also solutions and technologies for your business.
More information sales@balticservers.com or follow us on: http://faq.balticservers.com
Thank you for choosing our services
BalticServers.com team
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